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Education is an important part of life. For the progress of any country, it is very important for the citizens of the country to be educated. But there are many such children in our country, who are unable to take education due to their financial constraints and some compulsions. Enigmatic Foundation has taken an initiative to show a new direction to these children. Every one of its workers has taken a pledge to give good education to the children.
For the intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual upliftment and development of society, nation and the world, physical and spiritual science research institutes, research laboratories, museums, science and arts, seminars, technical education centers, construction, operation and cooperation and promotion and dissemination. With the help of modern techniques/techniques, to do all kinds of publicity and publication and to get it done.
Under this scheme, an education center will be opened in its area according to the fee of Rs.100 per month and admission charge of Rs.1000 per annum to the student from nursery to class X.

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